PolyQuilt addon for Blender 2.8

Ok heres a short video demo for the snapping points and the extrusion options:


Perfect! That’s much better than Maya’s implementation but a bit :+1: Appreciate that! And haha you have LoFi girl on as well? It centers me :smiley:

Haha, yeah indeed. It ran in the background for hours. Had my speakers turned off :joy:

Thats a default blender feature. Check if you find a tut on youtube.

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I’m working on an edge loop extrusion for retopology right now. A stroke-based feature inspired by many retopology tools is also in development.
However, new features require a lot of testing and review, and I’m looking for someone to help me with that.


This video here is brilliant! I was just thinking about tubular work like fingers with PolyQuilt.

I’m well versed with Quad Draw and Topogun (not using this anymore) so when you have builds that are stable enough, I won’t mind putting it through its paces. :+1:

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Hmm yeah doesn’t work exactly like I’ve shown, maybe it’s my lack of Blender experience ha :slight_smile: But yeah it extrudes fine but only snaps where the cursor is, the entire loop doesn’t… so I’ll have to wait for Sakana on this one.

Well whats possible in blender is view dependent.
Its based on a projection, but it works for multiple verts individually. Have a look here:

But yeah snapping to nearest backfaces wont work. If you want that you’ll have to hope for @Sakana3 implementing it. :slightly_smiling_face:

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I love your PoluQuilt addon, and this is just more of the same - Awesomeness!!

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Ahhh! Ok this is of some help for sure! I’m going to have to get used to Blender’s additional options for each tool :smiley: Thx for showing me this appreciate it.

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This addon can evolve to a great retopo tool for Blender!


Out of topic but related to Retopology tools: one of the lead developers of Retopoflow (Jon Denning) has been hired by the Blender Foundation to work on new retopology tools, directly implemented in Blender: Retopology Design Task - #331 by xan2622


Quick question, how do you stop the Knife tool from cutting right through the mesh?

The knife tool is still in a very rough state and just frontfacing cuts are still not implemented afaik. You can exploit the fact that hidden faces will not get cut, but its simpler to swap to blenders knifetool as long as it has not been improved.

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Ah ok cool was just wondering, I ended up using the built-in tool fine. Thx

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