Polysweeper 0.81

Hello everyone!
Polysweeper is a tool to sweep a face profile along a face loop…
tested on blender-2.80.0 windows
Before to use it watch the videotutorial and if you have any issues DON’T WASTE TIME but ask me here or by private message, you can also send me the blend file!

FEATURES: face profile sweep and extrude

10$ POLYSWEEPER 08 FULL VERSION (before install: remove old or free version and restart blender)
FEATURES: face profile sweep and extrude - crease edge - unwrap - curve ramps - math mode - multiple selection mode


download the tutorial file (with some classical mould profiles):

And watch the beautifull and entertaining videotutorial:

PIE MENU - reference to add a keyboard shortcut

0.81 VERSION update

Some old scripts & videosPOLYSWEEPER_08LITE.zip (10.3 KB) :
POLYSHAPER (raycast):
POLYSHAPER_00.py (7.7 KB)
EDGER ( at moment just set edge length to active or custom)
EDGER_00.py (3.0 KB)



Vow double vow etc. Thanks

How does it works with 90degree angle? It seems very usable for a sweep profiles in archviz.

It should works fine, the calc_shell_factor () function return a multiplier to correct size according the angle.

Not working for me
It says
“ZeroDivisionError: flot division by zero”

I get this error when I miss to select the profile face… First select face loop and at last select the single face polygon you want to use like profile (it has to be recognized like active in the selection history)

This message after I selected the loop and then the profile face to activate it:frowning_face:

at moment to get uniform offset use vertex normal ( I ll try to improve it when I’ll switch to blender 2.8 )

very strange… the selection it’s something like that?

I think I find my error. Let me try it again.
Thank you for this fantastic add on and early waiting for the 2.8 version

Thank you for testing!
If I figured out how this work [Addon] Perfect Shape - Shape Extrude Tool,
I would like to insert some way to store shape presets like that…

closed loop not working in my test

close bridge loop option added!

Thanks, It works very well. I will do more tests

bevel after boolean + polysweeper


A wish list for new version.

  1. Interactive workflow
  2. Using curve profile instead of face.
    As i told before just a wishlist.:blush:

Cool addon man! Thank you

Hi Rastart,

looks great.
Waiting for an Blender 2.8 version.

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one more test
Any updates?

At the moment I’ve no time to work on it… But I’ll keep track of hints, bugs and possible features to add…