Polysweeper 0.81

I think I find my error. Let me try it again.
Thank you for this fantastic add on and early waiting for the 2.8 version

Thank you for testing!
If I figured out how this work [Addon] Perfect Shape - Shape Extrude Tool,
I would like to insert some way to store shape presets like that…

closed loop not working in my test

close bridge loop option added!

Thanks, It works very well. I will do more tests

bevel after boolean + polysweeper


A wish list for new version.

  1. Interactive workflow
  2. Using curve profile instead of face.
    As i told before just a wishlist.:blush:

Cool addon man! Thank you

Hi Rastart,

looks great.
Waiting for an Blender 2.8 version.

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one more test
Any updates?

At the moment I’ve no time to work on it… But I’ll keep track of hints, bugs and possible features to add…

:blush: thanks for reply

Finally I’m slowly shifting to blender 2.80…
No problem with this add-on, I just fixed some stuff within the UI…


0.0.3 version released…
Quite stable, fixed normal vertex issues… Still to improve efficiency on large face selections.
Let me know for hints and possible features, especially about profiles management.

the sweep now follows the topology but the algorithm I made up slows the process…

experimenting with bevel after boolean addon:


I can not make this addon work.

I select some faces of a loop

I select the face to be extruded
Is the face to be extruded part of the same mesh as the correct object?

Yes, first a face loop then profile face in zx plane, It s important to select It directly to make It Active, (Also It has to be a single face and the most left side a single Edge).
Then put the cursor on the first top Edge of the face loop… More complicated to explain than to do It… I ll add a video tutorial


It works when I join profile and mesh. But the moment I edit the sweep, blender crashes :smiley:
Anyway it looks promising and very useful. Thank you for your hard work!

Edit: 2.79 version is actually stable, which makes sense. 2.8 crashes on me but I will grab newest build and test it further. Cheers!

Very useful. In ‘ancient’ CAD times it use to be called: extrude profile.

I made up a video on the fly… I’m using “blender-2.80-ae977d13f8e9-linux-glibc224-x86_64” build and everything seems strangely stable…


Was struggling for 15 min but it worked when I joined the objects
Is that how its meant to work? lol