Polysweeper & Polyshaper


Yar I already got it to work, I had the ZX plane thing already but didnt realise they had to be the same object

(Wig42) #42

Neither did I. I almost gave up on it lol Now though its very easy. I wish there was an option to remove the inner faces and weld tee joined vertices. I think the author said it would be easy to do. We’ll wait and see if he updates it.

(marcatore) #43

Thank you guys.
Now I was able to use it.

I was missing to join the face profile to the base object.

Thanks a lot

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:slight_smile: It m going to for sure… I d like also to use a separate obj to store profiles, so It can be easily append between blend files.
To join sweep ll try to make a remove double and remove all faces matching the original vertex positions… It should works…
I d like also to make normal shifting interactive, Need to dig into docs… Some hints about It?

(Wig42) #45

Great stuff, I look forward to it thanks.

(z01ks) #46

Amazing work. Can’t wait to try it out!


I’m on B2.8

Maybe I’m being dumb, but when I follow the instructions as per the video, I get an error stating that 'Scene' object has no attribute: 'cursor'

Am I missing something obvious?

(uruburei) #48

see in post 24. “Then put the cursor on the first top Edge of the face loop… More complicated to explain than to do It… I ll add a video tutorial”


Pretty sure thats exactly what I’m doing…


I ll check this issue, Is the last blender build?


Yep. Working out of the latest.


Ok, anyway I ll fix It in the next release :wink: I d like to add the fuse feature also

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Sounds good, thanks!


fuse option added, also single face sweep…

tested on blender-2.80-009dbc2bc9fb-win64

(Wig42) #55

Thanks a lot Rastart, I’ll check it out in the morning.

(Flo Tasser) #56

Awesome addon! Thank you :slight_smile:

(Fatesailor) #57

What exactly the ‘fuse’ option does? Some information about it?

(Wig42) #58

It fixes the extruded faces to the original geometry, Saves having to remove doubles.

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(Benny G) #59

Thanks for the update for 2.8 works fine , Nice combo with boxcutter for making the sweep shapes:smiley:

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(avpiedra) #60

0.4 Works flawlessly with build from April 10th. Thanks a lot!

Is there way to donate small amount to the project?