Polysweeper & Polyshaper

Could I put It on gumroad with free donation?
Maybe for the upcomings release…
Now the core function seems to work, I m thinking about the workflow, for sure a profiles storage…

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Hi Rastart, I would be happy to get this great addon on Gumroad to show my support on your project, please go on!

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thanks for the support!
Maybe next release will be on gumroad…
I m working on a library in JSON format to pick and store profile and keep the option to just use active face like now.
I ll add other tools in a dedicated tab, like a script to convert profile into curve.
Next step will be extend the concept to extrude/inset operation…
Any hint/link about a profile viewer/manager? I need to find a practical way to select and maybe show a preview by category…


0.5 release out!
tested on blender-2.80-b1af68200159-linux-glibc224-x86_64

Added a gumroad link if you want to make some donation to the cause…
Added a general tab to gather my others addons ( at moment : fractal extruder - polyshaper - edger)
Added a profile workflow, basically you can chose a target object filled with profiles and go back and forth…

Cast profile on face selection - at moment just basic features.

As always let me know about issues and features!


Got all 3 on Gumroad for 3 small donations, thanks for your work!


can i ask why does my profile is in reverse

Profile I want to polyshape


Edit : ohh iget it now it depends on Cursor Position

Yeah… Maybe I learn how to make a tutorial… Added now in the first post.
Simple asset manager, interesting…

I m working on a pro version… Some features request?

thank you , can you determine why is this happening

#1 works perfectly without any error
while #2 i encounter error when doing polysweep

here’s the blendfile

test.blend (607.3 KB)

sometimes it works flawless and sometimes it doesnt work
is there a rule to follow besides straight line ( left side ) and XZ plane ?

i really like the tool and still doing some experments but i just dont get it why sometimes it gets an error and i dont want to giveup this handy tool

Hold on! I’m working hard to make It smooth… Thank you for testing!
I m trying your blend right now…

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Ok… it was a problem with decimal approximation… fixed by set manually the x value of the left verts…
4.339359283447266 vs 4.339362144470215, apparently using scale tool doesn’t’ align this micro gap…
Incredible, blender has an aproximation of 10**15!
Fixed with round()… It will be in the next release


hello thank you looking forward for it

Great tool. I have a script in Max that does this and Modo does it natively. Being able to populate a custom profile library would really make it powerful.

I have a huge library of profiles that I ripped from Modo and a Max Sweep Profile script. :slight_smile:

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Good idea and concept. Thanks

This error is happening. Did I forget something?

can you send me the file?
In general post me the file if you can so I ll try to solve the problem especially if it’s a kind of bug!
I’m releasing rigth now the 0.6 with a very SPECIAL feature…

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OK, 06 version out! TESTED ON blender-2.80-387c1f2e0d5d-linux

  • added a lot of errors detection and some roll back to avoid abnormal polys generation…
  • added planar option (default) for homogeneous profile sweep
  • something I forgot now…

I ll keep the old version free here in the forum, 06 is 5$+ on gumroad…
I ll use it mostly to founding my next 3d printed opera…
A life size mosasaurus (platecarpus…) of 4.3 meters! I d like to show it at the maker faire rome!

If someone is interested I’ll go to open a post on it…

but let’s get back to us:


Been playing a little with it, can there be an option to automatically make it a separate object? It’s easy to do it manually but just wondering.

Ok, It s easy to add… Added into to do list, I made up also a script to convert It into a curve setup but i ll never used at work…

Thanks! Not sure I’ll use curves but it might be useful for animation purposes.

untitled.blend (771.2 KB)