That is working only if you use it every day; I don’t think I will remember that if trying to use the add on like a month later, because I have no clue to cursor being the control element without asking you or read the whole thread here.

Noted, maybe a global option to activate a sort of hints labels could be a solution

REWRITED CODE >>> 0.0.9 to 0.1.0 version
the free basic version: polysweeper lite will became simply POLYSWEEPER
with just polysweeper operator (full featured, download link in the first post)
( when I’ll finish to comment the code maybe I’ll put it on github)

the gumroad version will became POLYSWEEPER Suite ( with lib profiles and other operators)

new features:

  • incremental and sinewave fast parameters
  • polyshaper multiple selection mode working

new operator:

  • POLYMORPHER (beta)
    This operator is already usefull in many situation, It’s something like the TISSUE addon ( a very simplified one) but it works like polysweeper, instead of a profile it sweep a sample mesh along a face selection.

The new addon is quite huge in code lines, but I rewrote it in a more modular way, so It’should be more easy to fix bugs and build up… Also the polysweeper operator is the same in both version so I can keep them aligned with every release.
Thanks again for your support until now!!! I’ll keep coding on this…




Something to indicate the orientation of the profile; a simple arrow. up down, right, & left will work.


also a curve profile option would be great…

It is nice if it’s possible to also use spline in place of the sin (math) to control the contour.

do you mean something like this?

The ramp widget Is derived from shader type, I tried to add it also in the operator UI for live editing but It crash in a orribile way…

Where you have the amplitude, frequency, and period; instead of adjust those number “use curve to control the shape form”; an option to visually design the shape instead of math. May be it is not possible. Anyway, thank you for making this add on; I can see that I will use it a lot for my next project.


At moment you can use a curve to deform the sweep only by the sweep curve in the static toolbar. It not really live mode but it does the trick, there’s another possibility:

  • Easy to code: to use a curve object like reference, It’s not live mode but you could easily store sweep shapes like the profiles

  • Hard: learn blender gl api and code a real time curve to deform in live mode (maybe it’s no so difficult I 've to try)

Another problem the sweep curve for Its geometric nature should be a “function” for every x only one y… so we cannot use the custom bevel widget… but that could be ensured by the code.
Anyway added on todo list!

Thank you very much; hope you can get it to work, it will benefit a lot of people who are not used to using math.

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