Awesome you rock :wink: I will test it now and get back to you soon.

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Hi @Rastart, I just purchased the suite from gumroad, but there are a ton of versions of the addon in the downloads:


What files do I need to install? Can you clarify what each file is (version wise)?

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My guess, looking at the list of releases, I would go for the latest version - PS_suite_0_1_2.zip.


Thanks for the support!
The last is ps_suite_0.1.2

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It’s work great BW to Lib save me some time and invert it’s very cool. Thanks :+1:

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I recently purchased your addon. Are you still working on it? Some time ago you mentioned
a bridge option. I would love to see that. Please let those of us following Polysweeper know
what you are up too.

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There was an update 6 days ago, just scroll up.

Hi! Thanks for the support!
I m experimenting on curve sampling guide and I’m back to work on fractal extruder.
For the bridge tool have you some hints/reference about?
Ok let’s make some polybridger!

(PS. i Always work on polysweeper since it’s a foundation of my modeling workflow…)


It’s reassuring to know you will work on Polyweeper. I love Polysweeper.
I have a number of free and paid addons. It’s been my experience that many developers after
issuing it simply walk away. No reason just pff and they are gone never to be heard from again.
Here is a request: I’m an old retired person. I love what Blender can do (with the help of addons like Polysweeper). But I’m really only a beginner and could use all the help I can get.
I dont’ find Blender particularly easy. And I wish I had more time for Blender/addons. So I would like for you to make available more objects for the library folders class and scfi (maybe shapes folder too :grinning:
These are png/text files for different shapes. The more to experiment with!
And along these lines another request: can you make available a bunch of math expressions.
The math is beyond me. And I find it hard(old eyes) to get the math expressions you use in some of your tutorials. The more to experiment with.
I would be so grateful for these 2 things that I would happily repurchase Polysweeper.
Like I said I need all the help I can get.
I have a number of questions concerning Polysweeper(it’s easy once you find it easy :grinning:) but I’ll hold off until I work my way through more of this wonderful addon.

Thank you very much for your support,I’m very happy you enjoy this addon!!!
About the profile in the library I’m going to add some other library for the next release,
meanwhile you can add your profiles very easily:
profiles: https://youtu.be/k9Vnp-h5xWc
shapes: https://youtu.be/jGbOwEqLMNk
About math I could add some hints no problem.
I release polysweeper for everyone (avaiable in the first post) and the suite version is the way I can get a little support so if you bougth once is already enough!
About the questions you migth have I had an idea, since I need to practice some ‘English’ I was thinking to give free blender lesson by skype ( general topics also coding, basic level…I do not pretend to be a master! ), you can write me by personal message if you are interested.
Thanx, let me know!

PS. I started to think about a bridge tool in polysweeper philosophy so if anyone has ideas about, now is the time!


I have a problem with using the S(cale) math function. I’ve tried the library profiles, the bevel widget and the example profiles in the example blend file. No matter the source shape(round/snake shape) like in your tutorial “PS 08 Intro” (Polysweeper does math section) and tutorial “PSW SUITE sweep ramp”, no matter if I use the sweep_ramp option or not, no matter the particular loop I use Polysweeper always throws a trackback error. I am using blender 2.91. I’ve even tried small letter s. I’ve tried using different numeric vales(S2, S5, S10, S22). I also can’t seem to get the M(ix) to work either. But I would really like to get the S(cale) option working. I just don’t know what I’m doing wrong. Perhaps you could explain
exactly how go get S(cale) working.
You thought up Polysweeper and no one else (that I know of) did. I think what you did with sweep and extrude was extraordinary(even your Fractal extrude addon is something). That’s why I find it exciting to think what you will conceive with the bridge concept. I’ll bet that it will be something 3d artists have never seen before.
It would be great if you could add another library either by itself or in a PSW Suite update.
I’m certainly for you giving a blender lesson of whatever topics you would like to cover.
I would love a lesson that included using the math options :grinning:
best steve

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Thanx again for your consideration!
I’m sorry about the math issue, but I rewrote the code in last version and the I have to update the tutorials.
no more S and M… It was overcomplicated and I myself forgot how to do use it…
Now the math field is a simple python eval string that will be added on top the operator settings.
I use it mainly for this kind of sweep:

(1j**i).real + 1

3 if i%2 == 0 else 0

i*0.5 if i%2 == 0 else 0

sin( (i*i*0.05) *0.2) + 20 - i*0.25

The math string work also on top the operator sinewave / incremental settings:

0.3 if i%2 == 0 else 0

The new Math implementation looks great. I can’t wait for the next PSW Suite update to try it out.
Best steve

You can already try it out! It’s the last version (0.1.2)

The new Math examples worked great for me. I think it is amazing work! Perhaps
if you have the time you could post some links so some of us not familiar with this math
could learn to write our own math expressions. Or possibly include some more math
expressions in the next PSW Suite update.
Thanks so much for your great work,