PomoFocus Blender 2.9 free addon

Hi all,
I have been working on an addon for a while based on the Pomodoro Technique called PomoFocus.

Addon is almost done. Hope to release the free addon by the end of the week.

Alex Paul


Ha, I really like that technique. Didn’t know it had a name :slight_smile:
looking forward to your addon. I hope it makes a ticking sound :smiley:

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I will add that for you :slightly_smiling_face:

Detailed steps to make the addon effective:

Addon is now available on Gumroad for free get it here.


Blender Market – link will be added after review.

put some suggestions on the Github page to improve the addon or if you face some errors.


This addon is 100% free and you can support by buying the addon at the price you like.

hehe, just bought it blind.


you really added a ticking sound. you maniac! cool :slight_smile:
is there any way to reset or cancel the timer once it starts?

thanks. I will work on that and release it as soon as possible with the next update :upside_down_face:

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if you could add an option for custom sounds, that would be great! :mouse:

its my mistake will update soon with stop and custom sound option.

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Your feature request has been completed.

Download the latest version and enjoy the addon.

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Latest version in now available with some cool features:-D