Pompeii Buried : Blender Guru contest entry

Finally found the time to start working on my entry for the BG Ancient civ contest. Its still very much work in progress but i got alot of the base modelling done today. This will be my first time attempting one of the BG competitions.

The basic idea of my entry is an Italian Villa in Pompeii at the time of the eruption of Mount Vesuvius. I want to try and give an impression of life dropped mid action and danger as ash and pumice / rocks fall from the sky. Though as you can see i still have a fair way to go :stuck_out_tongue: Im posting now in hopes that while i work on it and post updates i can get feedback and suggestions on how to improve it.

What i still have to do :
*Add more props to the scene
*Add greenery if it suits
*Add erupting volcano to the background
*Potentially have a smoke cloud in the background using the smoke sim
*Ash and rocks falling from the ground. Still trying to figure out a nice way of doing the ash material

Been awhile since ive updated because i havent had that much time to work on it. hopefully i will get it done in time. After doing some tests with the rocks and ash falling from the sky i couldnt get it looking how i wanted. So ive chosen to instead focus on making more of a classic Roman Villa scene.

As you can see i fixed up the ground abit and experimented with a snow covered idea. I like the idea of making it a northern Gallic winter kind of Villa. So i may look more into that line of thought. I know theres some good tutorials around on making snowy scenes so that should help.

Looking forward to see your Volcano in this scene.

As Pompey is situated at the Mediterranean see I guess snow would not fit quite right. But you could make this just sand as the area is actually quite dry.

I really like the idea, I would just be careful that the stand in front doesn’t take too much away from the actual scene.


Scrapped the idea of a snowy , gaullic scene and went back to the Pompeii idea. A few days left and i have a new update. Hopefully ill get this finished in time for the deadline.

As you can see ive finished most of the texturing besides some little parts i need to fix up (like the obvious repeat on the walkway close to the camera) and some textures that are lacking normal maps. Ive also changed the backdrop and added the first stage of the volcano and ash falling from the sky.

What i still need to do is add smoke from the volcano and in the general background to help obscure the volcano abit , increase the DoF , touch up the lighting and composting abit ( though i did play around with it abit for this test render) , add a grass particle system and maybe add something in the middleground to fill abit of that space. Like a tree or a tipped over wagon or something. Plus make the volcano actually look half decent if i can manage it.

I missed your entry for the competition