I’m making this for a project for school. My art teacher wanted something that had lots of shading and gradations. I’m not sure if I am missing the mark here, but I thought water would be a clever idea. Anyway, I gotta be finished with this by Sunday night, so any crits would be welcomed.


It’s not done yet, but I want suggestions now before I submit it. I’m thinking about adding some floating leaves on the surface. Any tips for distorting the rocks/bubbles under the water?

The circular pattern in the water is somehow confusing, I don’t understand why it happens.

Also, I would suggest to show the pond from a longer distance, so you can see the edges of it, and maybe some grass, sand, dry rocks and other solids around it, so you can use more colours, textures and shadows.

agreed, very confusing circles

Ripples in the water. It’s a top down view on the water.

I would suggest some refraction the streaking reflection threw me off a refraction would help define its shape. also try to avoid strait shots use a diffrent angle (remember, rule of 3rds)

Yeah your right. It’s updated a bit:


I wanna add some more variation to the leaf texture, so they dont all look the same. I also want to add water droplets to the surface of the leaves, so they look wet. I’ll probably add more bubbles under the water too.

that looks a lot better