Ponderous Pony: Seriously Groovin' with Righteousness

A shuttle that ferries citizens between in-system destinations. It has no long distance (beyond our solar system) travel capabilities.

It is reliable and inexpensive–used by many smaller colonies for primary transport and by larger colonies for secondary transport.



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nice idea and modeling bit confuseing tho also how do they get in didnt see no door, do they go thro windows :wink: lol.

Grimreaper: I’ll have to work on a door and windows ;).



I love this including the texturing.
It would look perfect is the original Dune movie - and I LOVE DUNE.



this reminds me of that old b/w sci-fi movie i think the name was not shure "The day the earth stoped " i’d like to see a black and white render %| ,i like it interesting design without reading the post I would
never guess it was a shuttle at first i thought it was a helmet of some type. :slight_smile:

yeah it’s got that 50’s sci-fi feel to it, nice :slight_smile:

Caleb72: Thanks. I think I saw the original dune movie a long time ago–good stuff :).

friedbrain: Cool :). I’m going to work on a black and white render (in space though ;)).

Zenitor: Thanks!



Ponderous Pony: Seriously Groovin’ with Righteousness:






to me it looks like a bronze age war helmet… am i the only one who sees that?

Nope, I see it too. Although the guy wearing it would have a weird shaped head.

are you thinking off “the day the earth stood still”?

I think it kind looks like that but kinda a cross betwwen that and babalon 5. not bad but i dunno i like the whole lil bits everywhere ships.

It looks good so far, but I think it’s sort of difficult to tell it’s a shuttle. Maybe you could add a window or something where the “cockpit” would be (maybe you were intending to do this though, I don’t know). It might help us see what it is rather than us thinking it’s a helmet or something :-?

DOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOORS , lol looks really good.