Pontiac GTO stripes look blurred or jagged and have a subtle white border around it

Here are multiple pictures from several different angles and distances. First one is a render. I can’t seem to shake it. I remade the stripes like 9 times each time making them bigger in photoshop until at one point I made it to a 50000x50000 canvas. It just won’t go away.

The technique I used here was importing the PNGs are image planes, and shrinkwrapping it to the body. “The Judge” logo worked perfectly fine, since it’s so small it doesn’t need to be high res anyways. However, the stripes are so long and thin it’s easy to look at it from a distance and it starts to look jagged and pixely and ugly. Upclose it looks okay, not perfect but fine. I don’t know how to get around this, I spent an uncomfortable amount of time experimenting but I am out of ideas.

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The render seems fine to me viewed at 100%, so I think the aliasing is due to how the image is interpolated when viewed at sizes smaller than that.

Oh alright, maybe I’m just obsessing over it. It is my first time doing stripes like this.

To get rid of the white border, try masking it out with a color ramp in the shader editor to add some extra alpha on only the highlights.

If all else fails, you could trace it and make your own perfect image texture.