Pontiac LeMans

Happy New years everyone!! I just started making a car that my Brother-in-law had back in the 80s.
I cannot find much for refrence, just one side view for a blueprint. I grabbed a bunch of images and will just wing it I guess.

Here is the early stages.Any suggestions on how I should proceed from here?

Update, got the front mostly done then found out he had a slightly different model…so I will have to revise the fascia.

looking good… i like it

Updated with the GTO goodies…

Lots-o-memories brought back with this model!

Front end and rear bumper done, moving on to other items…

Wires to come.

Smoothen out that window part. It looks too hard. Just pull out the vertices a bit.

I assume you mean around the rear of the drivers window? I will have to clean that up when I put the trim around it. Thanks for pointing that out. Sometimes if you star at something long enough you don’t notice the flaws.

Lol, I quickly made some fuzzy dice to hang from the mirror…cleaned up the topology, did the window trim and started on the interior.

The interior is coming along, with the dash to do next.

Anybody have any tips on making the dashboard??

I’ve found that but I’m not a specialist…

Thanks for the images, the middle pic is what I will be using for reference.

I’m curious to see the result :slight_smile:

Dashboard update…coming along…more items to be added.

Interior modelling done, finalizing the outside then I will attempt the textures.
C&C anyone?

Cool. You’ve gone town on the detail.

The thing that sticks out to me, is that you seem to have mixed the models on the interior. The dash comes from the second image that Zakousky posted yet the centre panel and gear stick looks to be from the first image he posted which, has a different dash. However, I’m not familiar with the model of car, so I could be wrong about this.

Thanks, this car is an automatic, that pic shows a standard as you can see the clutch pedal.

cool beans

Welcome to my world. :stuck_out_tongue:

Looks good so far.

are the rear-view mirror dices really necessary ?
Why not a little Blender Suzy ? :smiley:

At least but not last : wonderfull car !!! :slight_smile: