pool balls and cue

After reading this forum for a while and finding my way around Blender, i decided that my skills were progressing enough to post here.

Here is my first serious image that has used uvmapping, (Thanks Greybeard for all your video tutorials, they are soo helpful)
The image is based on a 3dmax tutorial about hdri, but after trying to use uvmapping with yafray…
Im still trying to find a way around that :stuck_out_tongue: - mainly because the reflections arent the best, so any help about that would be greatly appreciated.

I realise that the floor of the table isnt realistic - but i couldnt figure out how to make a furry effect (same with the end of the cue, so i made it rubber;) ) so i turned it abstract - again any help with that would be awesome.

Any other crits or comments would be taken with strong appreciation.

As usual click the image for a bigger image.


Hello Kiwi

If you want to go for correctness then I have some hints for you: The cue ball must be the same size as the others. And the ferrule of the cue (the stuff between the leather tip and the wood) is white plastic, yours looks like metal. And its only one part. I’d say the ratio between the cue size and the larger balls is correct but you could go and measure a ball and a cue.

For the cloth of the table, here is a tutorial on a carpet material. Maybe you could use this as a starting point.

Balls are a bit too reflective. If you want to go for a true pool bar look the’d have stains of chalk maybe you could do these with the airbrush tool of your painting app with flow set low. You could also add one or two dents.

The white parts of the balls are a bit too dark.



Check out these images.

Maybe try and get something close to that in Blender
first and try it in YafRay later.

:open_mouth: In what kind of cue? It IS metal.
And I won’t be different from the others - the cue ball is way too small!

The only ferrules I know that are of metal (brass) are on snooker cues. On pool cues, well on mine and every other I have seen until now they are made of white plastic.


oh, my mistake then. but that’s because i’m a fan of snooker, i watch it on eurosport :slight_smile:

Those look like awfully expensive pool balls! All shiny and such, maybe too shiny. But good work, its really coming along.