Pool Balls

Hi everyone!
I made this set of pool balls and would like to hear some feedback so I can make them look better.

I was trying to figure out why they looked wrong, and so I fired up Blender and experimented. Got it, it’s not the balls at all, it’s the cloth. Looks like wool. Either you want a slightly plastic look (if it’s a speed cloth), or you need a much tighter weave, and some subtle hair for traditional.

EDIT: For traditional, a touch of velvet look wouldn’t hurt.

Thank you very much, that will help me for my next project. After I get the balls looking right I’ll start working on a Pool Table.

Once I ignore the cloth, the balls look pretty good.

Hi, your balls look pretty good, If I can say that this way :smiley:

I only have a few remarks:

  • The same than Roken, the cloth doesn’t look quite right, you can find good references by searching pool table close-up or something like that.
  • I’m not sure, but make sure the “edges” of the table (I dont know the right word in engligh) is high enough, more than half a ball’s height, or they would go over if they bouce quickly against it.
  • The balls are maybe a bit too much reflective, I’d try with e bit more roughness because I find the reflections too sharp.
  • If you’re going for photorealism, you could add some slight scratches on the balls, especially the white one which is in contact with the cue, once it’s used they have always some scratches on them. Maybe even some bits of blue chalk on it, but that’s optionnal ^^

Anyway, good luck with the table too!


Ignoring the cloth I think it’s pretty close already. Only in the reflections there’s something odd happening. If you look at the reflection from the top lamp, on some areas the edge es really hard, on others kind of softened. Like you tried to add some glare and having objects blocking light. Or maybe even just very sloppy retouch.

If you are going for the really new, “out of the box” look the low roughness on the reflection might even be right but you might want to try having the lights even brighter and adding some glare to them.

There are only slight adjustments to make but I think it’s important to get the materials really spot on in a simplistic scene like that.

Conclusion: Nice work so far, only slight improvements to make!