Pool billiards


Please give your opinion.


it looks unfiinished

Wow small troll, a tour de’force of constructive criticism there ;), I do however agree with you.

Madhur -

You are on the right track, just keep going.

Things to do:
Add texture to lights fittings, door, steps and walls.
Smooth the cushions on the table.
Take down the bump for the felt a notch.
Add detail to the cue holder.
Model the ends of the cues
Create a skirting board as a break between walls and floor
Look at how the wood texture is mapped on the table to get it uniform
Either have outside visible, model blinds/curtains or make the windows reflective (nighttime)
Maybe add some chalk and a score board, things like that.
Play around with lighting (maybe watch some tutorials on this).

If this was just a modeling practice and you are happy with the results, then stop. If you want it to look like a polished piece then just keep going.

Good luck!

First of All
Thanks for the Critics. :slight_smile:
Yes, I do want it to look like a polished piece and will definitely work on the things you pointed out.
I still have so much left to learn in lighting and texturing.

I find my pic very weird after you pointed that how windows should be created as per the Daytime/nighttime

No problem, this could potentially be a great piece, just keep going…

One more thing to keep in mind: whats the story?

A picture should always tell a story, even if it is a simple as ‘two guys are about to play pool’. Think about what the story is behind this picture, it may give you inspiration for little additions to the scene.

oh, and i forgot to mention. i love the pool balls.

i was going to give a leangthy critique to help the guy out, then i saw it was in Finished projects so i just gave my opinion instead.

haha. Fair enough.

I’ve done some render work on pool tables too, and you’re doing quite well. The shininess of the pool balls is always hard to get right. Right now, I think yours are a little glassy, like Christmas ornaments. Pool balls are a little more matte, especially the cue ball which gets knocked around a lot. Try making an image of blue chalk smudges and wrap it onto the cue ball so it looks a little “used”. I found that gives a great realism to these scenes.

Good luck!