Pool Day!

Tried out caustics in Blender 3.2

Water surface using Modifiers (Ocean & Wave)
The pool floor is just a plane with textures
Inflatable Float created using the base cube(but subdivided), put through basic cloth simulation with the woman and the watermelon as collision objects
Monokini was a quick one using Marvelous Designer
Hat - https://skfb.ly/otwSq
Watermelon - https://skfb.ly/o7Qy6

Without few materials

Without materials-Matcap-Wireframe



It seems that the straw is not long as it should be to suck watermelon juice :slight_smile:
It’s a nice image, probably you should improve some aspects:

  • inflatable mattress should have some stiching lines
  • inflatable matress material, I’ll add a little bit of refraction & reflection roughness
  • sun shadows a little bit smoother than now
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Thanks, will work on it. Yea the shadows do seem sharp…this was just a quick caustics trial so didn’t put in much time.