Model, Textures, Postpro: Blender: 2.7
Render: Maxwell Render


really, really good man, all is excellent for me :slight_smile:

Wow, very nice indeed, especially the evening setup!

Why you chose Maxwell render?

nice render. what computer do you use? How long bake the render?

very good scenes, modelling, lighting, composition and rendering, only critic is that grass is a little bulky.

quality renders

My first thought: Cool, is this rendered with Cycles ?
My second thought: Oh no, it’s not, how bad for Cycles !

Why not Cycles ?
Did you try with Corona yet ?

Kind regards

Hi Blenderwelder,
Realism and easy set-up (materials, camera,etc).
I am working with Maxwell from 2010.

Thanks rusted.

Thank you @bat3a

Hi str9led,
Intel® Core™ i7-2600 CPU @ 3.40GHz × 8 , GeForce GTX 550.
Render time: 30 hs interior (third image), 10 hs exteriors

Hi Alain,
Thank you for your comments,
Maxwell was my first election for interiors in this project. I have worked with Cycles in exteriors only (visit my website: pixelarq.com.)
But, I’ll give a try with Cycles, Corona and Octane in my next projects.

Very nice! A good solid architectural render, and I like the idea of a pool on one side and the ocean on the other. =)

Very well done!

damn man, wish I could live in that render…

@Owldude, @harleynut97, @Kemmler
Thank you !

Cute renders! Looks pro - my only concern would be render time.

I can actually imagine you’d post those images few weeks ago :wink: unless you have some supercomputer in the fridge.

Thank for the hard work , maxwell is good program I use it to render jewelery.

good shot!

Thanks! @supermelon @maherdsh @matelek