pool part.E

(kerosene) #1


had some time to spend (read: spend… NOT waste… heh):


tell me, what u think.
(additional info: the water consists of several translucent (tnx ScottishPig for that wordg) planes.)

keep blending,

(ScottishPig) #2

Another one of your many fine works, kero.

They seem to all have the same sort of look to them… a very beautiful pic for a summer’s day.

I must say, however, that for a pool party there sure aren’t many people there :slight_smile:

Good job.

(S68) #3


but that pool is incredibly deep! Or, if depth is regular, then it is very small :slight_smile:


(SKPjason) #4

Amazingly refreshing pic to see (it’s cold and snow here in New York). I love the way in which you present this nice litte scene. Very good work.