Pool Scene

Hi everyone,

Here is my personal project. Done with Blender 2.81 and Luxcore 2.3. Just wanted to try Luxcore. Hope you like it.

Have a nice week !


Maybe settings?

Very nice scene. pretty good for a trial !
can we have more infos about hardware setting rendertime and lighting ?
It happen alot that there are performance left due to the fact that the engine is pretty new for more user.

Clamping setting
Hdri or sun + sky
Photon Gi settings
CPu or GPU model

Thanks for your comment. i did not check the render settings deeply in Luxcore website. But i will learn it. i do really like the lightning and realism of the engine. i render this scene in a renderfarm. i have mac pro late 2013 . i usually use renderfarms for rendering. The Clamping is for reduce the fireflies just learn it now :slight_smile: i did not enable it in my render settings. i used sky and sun. SKY turbidity Value 3

here is my render settings.

Ok nice !
As your not looking top down to the pool light tracing make sense. total path 16 isn’t applied as diffuse/glossy/specular max deph are way under this number (16).
total path deph is a Cap value.
So for a scene like this 4/4 for diffuse and glossy work but specular should be push arround 8 or 12 so glass are less darker.

Also a clamping value from 10 __ 30 could help with sun and sky (you can test even 5 i think it should help get rid of fireflies .

I like the sunny mood!

It does not make much sense to suggest clamping values without knowing the brightness of each light and the albedo of each surface in the scene.

I think he is using a camera default linear value 1. And with this i can guess almost anything just by habit.
You can be suprise how predictable luxcore is when you use it so much.

And even if it is a bit different theses values work just like golden number in my scene.

Hmm. Which the renderfarm is used for the project? Site?

I featured you on BlenderNation. Stay safe, and have a great weekend!

Hi there,

i am using garagefarm and rebusfarm.

Thank you very much !!

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Thank you very much for the informations !