Pool, Snooker....Cue fixed!

(jrt) #1

Guess it won’t be of much interest to a lot of you but I’ve finally cracked the problem I had with the cue in my games.
I’ve now got it to jump to the white ball when you press a key(RCtrl). My main reason for posting this is that I did it with Python. It’s the first time I’ve ever written a script and it actually worked.(Thanks to Saluk and his great tutorial. which started me down the right track.) Now that I’m into it I shall definitely push forward and do some more.

I tried to fix the problem with vertex parenting at first, this worked in so far as jumping to the ball was concerned, but after that the cue wouldn’t push the ball. It just went through it. I guess the child can’t push the parent around.(only right I suppose!) Quite a lot of changes were needed to get thing sorted but I’m much more pleased with games now.

If anyone would like to give them a try they’re here. Http://www.whealprussia.freeserve.co.uk There are Snooker, 15 Ball Pool and 10 Ball Pool. The 10 Ball Pool Game plays the fastest. Billiards is still version 1.(needs a bit more work than the others owing to the fact there are 2 cue balls.)

Cheers jrt.