Pool Table Pockets...

Well, I decided I’d try to make a pool table. I guess I went about it the wrong way, because now I’m stuck and am not quite for sure how to make the pockets. I tried using a cylinder as a booleen object or whatever and selecting difference, but it left part of the table there, not just a complete pocket. So, any advice on how to make the pockets would be appreciated. I’ll post the blend file too.

http://download.yousendit.com/349EAF6B1389FF29 < The blend file.

ok, i just made this as an example, its probably not what you want but it shows a way to make a pocket…


Yeah… not quite what I’m wanting.

im just trying to show how it could be done… i say sepperate the plane that is the top surface of the table and then make the pockets out of that… if your more specific i may be able to give you an example… also keep in mind that the bool cuts are crap and it works much better to do it by hand or w/e