pool table

well after four days my first serious work is finished.
C&C are welcome.


solartic, that is very, very impressive for your first serious work! I am an avid pool player myself, noting that you really should add a small chalk cube to the rim of the table. Perhaps adding some numbers and markings to the balls? The overall scene is a 3/5 stars. For a First Serious work I give it 4/5.

thanks jackj i forgot about the chalk cube, im gonna do that and set up the balls.And thanks everyone for viewing

Nice work dude. I wish had I some time to sit down and work on something like this. Only crtique is the pool table and the sticks. Little non-porportional but for your first serious work thats definatly a great job. you did excellent on the room textures and well good textures all around.

nice work :slight_smile:

I felt i did not do the title justice, initially the pool table should have been the main treat but it had the least effort well not anymore:D
i also found out what the hell AO mean and why everyone was talking about this great feature.


Looks like the corner holes are smaller than the balls, other than that it’s a great first work.

Thats pretty cool for a first serious work! Congratulations.
Somehow the scene has exaggerated proportions/forms and colours. I don’t know how to put it in words, but its almost “cartoony”. I don’t think thats a bad thing. Far from it! It adds a personality to your Artwork that can’t be found in many “photo-realistic” renderings.

If you intend to continue working on this scene, i’d rather focus on its unique style than trying to create a photo-realistic rendering.

Cheers | Daten

Looking good. I like the scene because of the way the clutter is there , but not overdone. keep it up!

XrQLz :smiley:

new update to pool table #5
thanks every one for your c&C