pool table

Hi, here’s a project I was working on for a while to play with getting the lighting as photorealistic as possible. I found that getting the pool table felt looking right was one of the hardest parts. It really showed me that felt isn’t just “green”.

mw-mgr.andrew.cmu.edu/blender/MW.jpg large 1900x1200
mw-mgr.andrew.cmu.edu/blender/mw.jpg small

I work on computers on “Middleware”, thus the letters on the pool table balls. This is now my background on my computer at work.

Whatcha think?

PS What’s it take to post an image here??? I always get the “too many URLs” message.

Pretty nice. I haven’t learned how to make letters yet, but I can make it do this!


From the Fair Warning Dept: I need to get to URL level. Guess what’s for breakfast!