Poolscene - Architectural Outdoor

Hello everyone,

this is my last architectural render. Did it just for fun and to learn some about composition.
Feel free to criticize! Would be great to improve this and following Renderings.
The Scene is entirely build and rendered in Blender 2.7 and Cycles.
Postproduction was done in Photoshop.

The Tree in the Scene is based on the “Bonsai”-Model from Guilherme Martins aka. Rev Soul on Blendswap.
Thanks for that!

Looking forward to your Feedback…

how were you able to get the displacement in the water and still make it that clear and realistic ive been trying to figure that out.

The water is just a cube with a displace modifier on it. In the modifier i used a noise texture with low scale and high detail value. Also i used a mix of Glass and Transparent Shader as material and the Factor-value of that texture as material-displacement.
Hope my description makes sense.

Ya that makes sence. Ive been trying to make a new water shader and i cant seem to get any displacement out of it when the shader it on.

Hi, it’s a good start. You asked for critics so here we are ;):

  • the first thing to improve is your leaf texture! did you use translucency ? And check this tut to add some random color.
  • you should add a light system around the pool and also for the living place in the background on the left
  • I think the scale of your deck chairs is wrong compare to the wall in the background. Check the dimensions of all your objects in your scene and ask yourself if they are realistic
  • what is the triangular shape in the water, on the right side ? it’s not clear.

That’s all folks!

Pool is relly nice and it looks like an elegant condo. And tiles, shading, lighting. I like it. I just got two things to say that. 1 is body of tree needs more geometry like what you did on water you should do for tree. Looks too flat atm. 2 - As I said it looks like an elegant environment but your gardener is suck. Joke aside, i would expect equal length grass on my garden if i had that apartment :wink: Last thing; if you look at the background you can say that sun is on the left but shadows are on the left too.

First of all… thanks a lot for you all pointing me on some true points to improve!
Some of these i didnt even see after working on it… (in german we say: Betriebsblind)
Now to the details…

You are totally right with that leaf color! And yes… i used a mixed in translucency shader… but seems like the value is a bit low. The Lightsystem around the pool is an idea.
The scale should be fine, as i remember… think the deckchairs look so huge, because of the 14mm Cameraobjective.
But i’ll recheck the scales when i got some free time!
And now the wired part:
I have no idea where this crazy triangle shape is comming from. I didnt see it on the testrenders, just appears in the final 1500p rendering. But i have to search for it in my blend.

The Ramp should look like a Ramp, as kind of an old skatepool reminisence…
and yeah i should try some other backgrounds to have some more in the background!
I’ll have a look on your Rendering and give you a feedback, when im back at home…

Yes a little more geometry on the bark would really help.
Yeah the gardener sucks… but i like the uncontrolled grows in that clean enviroment.
And the last thing… damn you are so right with the orientation of the lights. It’s a shame i dont even recognized that…

Thanks a lot for all these useful tips! That Forum is awesome!
I’ll work the points out… and reupload the image after making some corrections!
Thanks again!

I could send you my Watercube as blend-file if it helps out…

good render, especially the water:

-the tree is an eye catcher -the center of interest- and removes horizontal balance of color.

i didn’t read the prev. comments, if it is already been said, forget it.

great render

I think that the size of the clouds is not good, your camera is pointing at the horizont line, so clouds should be smaller. Just my opinion :slight_smile:

Sorry if someone already said it, but first thing I noticed is: Scale down the size of the leaves. It makes your scene look very small.

Beautiful work. Could you please share your water material node?


Hi. Thanks for the compliment. I had a look about that shader…
it was just a Glass BDSF (with absorption) mixed with a Transparent BDSF at a .67 Factor in a Mix Node.
Major part of the Waterlook came from a Distorted Noise Texture in a Displace Modifier on the Water-Object.
Hope that helps.