Hi, guys :slight_smile: It’s my first big blender project and I would really know what you think about this render. I feel insecure about it - I know that there’s something that makes it fake, I think it’s the light… However - I’d love to get some feedback, especially about lights and materials. Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

I used filmic and denoiser, 300 samples.

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Try to use Luxrender if you want it more realistic. I think you could do it better for that render engine.

The color of the wood and the leaves is too saturated, it hurts my eyes. Try watching this video

Thank you for opinions and suggestions :slight_smile: I wish I had time to try Luxrender :smiley:

Also, @kr4st - I felt that it’s may be too saturated, but I thought that after hours of looking at this render and changing everything over and over again, I’m oversensitive. I should give myself a rest and try to render it a week later. Next time I will :slight_smile:

The beams and everywhere looks like they have no bevelling. There are no 90 degreee angles in real life. Always bevel. The water is too flat, add some noise normals.

Thanks for your advices, Oskar-A :slight_smile: Actually, there is a bevel on the beams and walls but apparently 1mm isn’t enough :smiley:

No, I guess a little more would be more natural. Why not make the render a little bigger, maybe it looks more better if there is a pixel or two on the corner?