PoolTable update

heres an updated pic of my pool table, any suggestions on what i could add, take away, or change are welcome.


Maybe you could give the walls a texture.
Looks very good already.

Your pooltable seems to be floating…have you tried to put AO on ? :wink: In a second way, I imagine the composition darken…since you’ve two lamps, but they’re just out to decorate, not to light. Doya see what I mean ?

Blend up ! :smiley:

Looks good imo but you don’t have to open a new thread for an update. Next time try to post updates in this thread.

Thanks for the help however i’ve tried to post a reply in a thread but it doesn’t seem to reactivate it

The legs are a little short. And it looks like it is in a museum. But I like it. Anyhow. It doesn’t really scream “pool” - it could be a neater pic if it was a little less sterile. Lookin’ good. :wink: