pooping on your neighbours lawn

Why is it on this forum, if anyone mentions any other software people want to ‘Poop’ on it.
This not a personal attack on anyone or the community in general.
It is something I have noticed whilst reading the forums.

Example 1: The Make Human Project.
The fantastic work done by the people at Make Human, whilst mostly appreciated by the bulk of the community, was seemingly belittled by some or the use of the software was even questioned? Why? Whats wrong with a like minded group of people who have a long relationship with blender releasing standalone apps?
They are kin. Like blender, make human has a strong leadership and was formed on the same principals blender was. Parts of their work can also make our life easier.

Example 2
Terragen 2 is a long awaited release for many blender users.
So what if it’s going to cost. They may yet have a ‘lite version’ I hope!
I for one will gladly buy it!:rolleyes: ( I don’t buy much:D, use oss or free always;).)
Certainly I respect the work at terragen so much I will gladly pay.
If you check some of the beta test renders…it will blow away all competition…vu…br…
Terragen has a very long association with blender and the blender community.
It has taken a team at least a couple of years solid work to bring about this release.
All the while still freely giving Terragen 0’.9 versions that we can import into blender.
Already using ‘dem’ maps if we choose.
And much greater control over terrain creation than most of the plugins blender or the blender community provides so far…
(most,if not all:p). No offence to JH & JMS & others.:wink:
Also don’t forget that Terragen 0’.9 versions also have animation plugins so you can record your flight path then use blender’s compositor to fly your models round ect.

Example 3:
If it isn’t open source it is evil and must be destroyed even if we know nothing about it.

I’m mainly annoyed at the lack of research some people do into the history of a program before they start “pooping” on it.

It is OK to have external app. game engines & renderers, well for me there are a lot of other great apps both open source or not.

Blender has a lot of competition out there, scriptors are much sort after in many fields by many 3d apps.
‘Vue’ has some awsome scripts (python) ‘Instant 20 trees’ is one that comes to mind.
I have downloaded Panda 3d models that come with fully rigged maya binarys.
Some of Panda’s Python Scripts are awesome.

I am not saying these softwares I have pointed out have been specifically wronged by anyone.
I am just saying, be careful.

The thing is Don’t ‘POOP’ on your neighbours lawn or the next time you run out of milk you may go thirsty.


i think this is a good statement to be told i think. Good to keep it in our minds from time to time.

Your post concentrates on the merrits of other softs. The problem though resides in the mind-vacuum of those who poop.

I know you do it only to illustrate your point but really, pooperations should only be taken as seriously as their authors.


that is probably the best sentence I have read all month.

PS how much is terragen 2 going to be? probably a fraction of what the latest bryce or Vue costs, so I’m definitely going to pick it up. it’s worth it to support the extra coding effort to make a polished piece of software. a lot of fucking work goes into that

That’s the one i’ve seen the most. people putting closed source applications down just because they’re closed source. it’s ridiculous. :rolleyes:

I’ll be getting my hands on terragen 2 probably. I know very little about it, but hey, it renders awesome skies, and if there’s a way to export that to blender, I see some sweet possibilities.

I think most people have something against the commercial attitude, not the closed source principle.
The controversy surrounding Microsoft is one example.
Just look at what some companies do for the money. Like World of Warcraft: you pay once for the game AND an additional monthly fee (which is way too much for a teenager to pay with his allowance, unless his parents spoil him). Or those updates which cost additional $$$.
Another example can be the security against copying CDs. Some companies go far enough that a lot of CD players can’t play the CD because of all the protection!

I have nothing against closed source software, but I do have something against the money-first attitude.

Hi all,

LohnS> Thanks. I need to remind myself sometimes too.:slight_smile:

Fligh> Just some examples as you were right.:slight_smile:

NodeRanger> It is just so f’n awsome. It truly is priceless.:stuck_out_tongue:
Man, I still have all the original plugins, every one. For years I follow Blender, when I started there was TG and MH along side. There still is!:slight_smile:

Lua> open source, and open minds.:slight_smile:

Charlesworth999> True. It is a fine line between money and principals.:wink:

Anyone got a glass of milk…:smiley:

This thread is good…


zomg, it even smells. :stuck_out_tongue: