poor deformation

I’ve been trying to rig a model and the trouble is that once I assign the vertex group to a bone, then when i try to pose it, it warps, collapses, and shrinks. Why does it do this and how do i ameliorate it?

It could be that you have other bones influencing it, or other modifiers in your modifier stack before the armature modifier that influence it.
it could be actually a lot of things, it’s hard to say without seeing anything

Select the armature and the mesh while in pose mode, and then you should be able to switch to weight paint mode and selcting the bone will show you the existing influences. Select the other bones around it one at a time and you will see the highlights that are affecting the same are, and maybe you can then paint in subtract mode and remove the incorrect weights.

okay figured it out, is there a way to increase how much the fall off influences because a little paint goes a long way.

Um, you can increase/decrease brush strength in your paint tools

well that’s not so much the issue it can be the lightest deviate of blue on the planet but it will still stretch pretty freakin far.

do you have multiple armature modifiers?

make sure you only have one

daren is probably spot on - if you have two armature modifiers stacked, there will be an odd multiplication of influence.