Poor Evee performance in Viewport

Im using 2.81a and started a project with Evee… just a simple project with maybe 40-50 meshes (text and cylinders), volumetric lighting, simple particle system etc. When building it, Evee was working fast. Now its really sluggish. Maybe getting 9-10fps. I dont get it… some of the example blender scenes for Evee are a thousand times more complex than mine and the computer is struggling. Im using a GTX 1080 Ti for evee, also have a GTX 980 Ti for display. 16-core 2.8ghz AMD and using an internal SATA Raid striped 0. I realize there can be many issues at play… any ideas where I could start? Seems like Evee should be A LOT faster. Still realtime for this relatively simple project.

For starters you should use the 1080 for your display. That’s what Eevee uses, the card driving the display. You can only choose a card when rendering without GUI.
Edit: And that only through the Nvidia driver on windows.