Poor Frank!

Hey guys I’m thinking about entering the Blender Cookie Halloween Competition:) My concept is based on of course Frankenstein but I’m going for a early teen version and my idea for the scene is Poor Frank draggin his Halloween Pale of candy which is dumping on the ground as he drags it:) So basically a night scene on a sidewalk along a neighborhood street with some houses in the background with their street lights on. Any thoughts? Should I proceed? Is he on the right track? Thanks:) Oh so far this is just a dyno sculpt with a little material setup and lighting.



In my opinion you should proceed :slight_smile: I like your idea. “Gorilla” hands are interesting but… maybe a bit to large? I don’t know, just my feeling. Are he suppose to walk on his hands or by foot ?

I like him. looking forward to seeing him progress.

the idea is wonderful. It looks like you sculpted the cord, which is sutured with the top of the head. For me it’s always easier to modify/sculpt such parts seperat to the rest (just like you did with the eyes and bolts).
Your model has a nice cartoonish style.
For me he looks like a mashup between a zombie and a cute version of Dr. Franktensteins Monster, with the body proportions of Mr. Hyde (from the movie “the league of extraordinary gentlemen”)

I really think you are on the right way, for a cartoonish model in a nice storytelling scene.
I wish you good luck and i am also looking foward on your progress :slight_smile:

Right on thanks guys:) Well it looks like Poor Frank! is going to continue…I really like him too and I don’t very often take on character models so this should be fun although I don’t have much time left.

I will play with the size of the forearms and the hands and also utilize separate objects for things like the sutures and the eyes and clothes ect. Of course I’ll need a lot more body seems everywhere and probably some slightly different skin colorations for each body part.

So I probably move on to retopo and begin modeling the boots and clothes than finish with the scene:) Since this is a character competition I’ll probably utilize a background image for the houses in the distance. That should work with some DOF and nice highlights on young Frank:P


Looks great. Love his expression! You could play with making the shoulders wider/bulgier too (so they fit with the arms).
Looking foward to see it progress

Small update, before I go to retopo I wanted to play with the body stitched seems. and make a few adjustments to the body. I bulked up the shoulders a little and shaped the forearms a bit more. I also beefed up the legs and waist. Of course there is always time to play more with the proportions after retopo:) Any thoughts are welcome

What the hell one more post for the day…more progress on the shoulders and the eyes and a studio lighting setup. The eyes need more work to make them zombie undead like:)

He’s cute :wink: Like the eyes. Put a lot of life into that dead body :slight_smile: I’m not sure if they need to be zombie/undead like. It’s a lot of feelings in it right now. But still in my personal feeling forearms are still too massive for this little body. I wait for more :slight_smile:

I hear ya, I’ve been trying to bulk up his body and shoulders to make a smooth transition. I’ll probably do some scaling once I retopo Frank:) The eyes now might convey the poor Frank a little better than dead zombie eyes. I’ll keep them for now:)

Fixed the eyes, they were too dark…too much reflection:) Also adjusted the proportions, I think I’m finally happy:)

Blocking out the scene to see what level of detail I’m going to need:) Poor Frank just wanted to be a fire man for Halloween but the hat wont fit his head and keeps falling off:) I’ll add a fence to the left and houses in the background with the moon high to the left and street lights to the right out of frame. Any thoughts?

from this angle it’s hard to see, that it’s a firefighter helmet. maybe add a number or other features to it or give it a bit more shape or just rotate it until you see it better.
the street looks really good and the depth of Field is also placed nicely. But maybe you have to decrease the defocus on the border, but it’s too early. it’s something that has to be choosen when you have almost a complete scene :-).
Right now it also seems you only rigged the eyes? what pose are you going to use once you finished retopologie?

My 1st thoufgt was that it’s not the street but roof top and he is going to jump cose of his sadness :smiley: Really well done by now. I think your plan is good. If i were you i would just focus on Frank now and leave the rest at the end.

Hehe right on guys:) Well its just a blocking at this point so the hat is a rough model and not finalized as well as the candy bucket. Right now the background isn’t nearly complete since there will be grass and a fence and bush/tree with background picture of house with porch lights on. In regards to the pose I’m not exactly sure yet, just something defeated and sad cause although Frank tries he always seems to fail:( I’ll probably add a costume fire extinguisher or something in his right hand and some fire fighter black and yellow boots:)

Looking good so far.

I’m wondering about the arms, myself. Do you intend to make them into a gorilla-like stance (i.e. walking with knuckles on ground)? If not, then perhaps you could variate the two arms just so they don’t look mirrored so much. It would also add more dynamics to the image (maybe one arm reaching out towards the hat-like thing?), and help with focusing. Just a thought.