Poor Pluto

I thought, I’d have a go at a smaller and simpler project for a change. I think it’s already
pretty close to done, so I don’t plan to spend weeks on it. But I hope, that you might be
able to point out some things I may have overlooked, or simply come up with some ideas
I haven’t been able to. Everything you might have to say is useful, so please post what’s
on your mind(s)!

Wip 1:
The picture shouldn’t really need much of an explanation. It’s based upon Pluto’s recent
degradation to being a so called “dwarf planet”, and therefore no longer is part of the
classic line of planets, which is kinda odd when you’ve been able to say their names in
order since you were a kid. In the future, you’ll have to leave this “icy pebble” out. :slight_smile:

I got this idea the other day, and thought it would be a fun thing to do. The characters are
intentionally kept very simple, only having eyes and noses. Some of the textures are
those of real planets (Mercury, Venus, Jupiter and Saturn), while others are completely
procedural (Earth, Mars, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto).
It keeps amazing me how much can be done entirely with procedurals. The textures of
the irises are also 100% procedural.

Well, enough talk…


High-res version (1280x720 pixels)

Please feel free to drop a line or two.

nice one …WALPAPER

Looks realy nice. A couple of things that’s distracts me though

-The planet to the right of the largest one (I’m not good at planets :confused:) The one that is rotated doesn’t fit in like that. I like the idéa, but I don’t think it fits the image.
-The planet to the left of the earth (Yea, I know that one :P) seems a bit out of place too. You could work some on the material on him too.
-More contrast… I would like to see more color!

Other than that… I realy like it! Cool idea and nice work with the procedurals!

Very clever concept!

GE-FORCE: Thanks.
If 1280x720 isn’t big enough for you, don’t worry. I think I’ll have something with 1600 pixels width in the next update. The aspect will still be widescreen though, so hope you can live with that. :slight_smile:


There is a very specific reason why it (Uranus) is rotated like that. Uranus differs from other planets in the following way (Quote is from this website - a very good resource of planetary maps, and also where I got the ones for this image):

“Uranus is unusual in that its axis of rotation is perpendicular to its orbit around the sun. It also has some very faint rings, discovered in 1977, which surround the planet in an eliptical pattern, also perpendicular to its solar orbit.”

So based on this, I thought that Uranus must be like that odd kid in school, that doesn’t have a clue as to what is going on, and always is tilted at a 90 degree angle. This is one of the little character things I’d be sad to see go from this image, although I do agree that it is a bit drastic compared to the others´ more monotonous appearance. But I think bottom line must be that I’ll keep it in there for now.

Will do, and thanks for the nice comment! :slight_smile:

Len: Thanks!

Please continue posting your thoughts.

Heh, I think it’s great, myself. The sideways uranus think got me a laugh. Anyway, I’ll say right now it looks really good, but I noticed Jupiter seems a little on the low-res side compared to the others, it takes a bit of the believability (such as it is, of course :P) out of the picture, compared to the crisp, sharp textures of the other planets.

That’s awesome. Funny stuff.

BlackBoe: Thanks. You’re right about the Jupiter texture. It’s only 1k now. I’ll put a 4k on it for next update.



I will always call pluto a planet. feels just wrong to “leave a trooper in the field”

FreakyDude: It’ll be a while before I get used to it as well. Eventually though, children will grow up only knowing this as a dwarf planet. Odd…

Wip 2:

I’ve changed a couple of minor things here and there, and also had a go at another type of background. Please tell me what you think!


High-res version (1600x900 pixels) for all you wallpaper lovers. :slight_smile:

Please feel free to post!

looks great! i really like the idea. just one thing…are you going to add earths moon?

idea: why not at stars to the top of the render behind the “bully-planets”? (starting from saturn’s rings to the top?)
edit: ok there are stars :slight_smile: I just couln’d see them on the preview, ups.

your materials and lighting are really impressive!
I would like to check the total scene so i could learn from it.
(lighting and materials are my weakest point)

Any way, great work! 5 stars

Uranus should not be making fun of Pluto…hes a total butt hole.

Such a good idea, great work.


har har

wonderful image, great concept and execution.
I nominate for gallery. :yes:

I love Mars. The rest of the planets are like “you suck, Pluto!” and mars is like “I’ll #*&#$ kill you, Pluto.” Well… except Uranus… I laughed at that too :stuck_out_tongue:

I wouldn’t say it’s a good idea at all. I think the concept could be really weak. If you showed me the idea on paper before seeing the result, I’d be a bit “ho hum” about it. But then, how you’ve pulled it off makes it really great! Simple idea + great execution = great idea. :yes:

ledluver23: Thanks!
I’m not going to add Earth’s moon, since it’s not a planet. Besides, then what about all the moons of the other planets? Would be very confusing.

I’ll try to brighten the stars up, so they’ll still be visible at smaller resolutions.
You can download the current .blend file here. (disclaimer: only for educational use, in case you wonder) And also: it’s not necessarily self explanatory. I hope you’ll still find it useful anyway. External textures are not included, but can be found on this website:

Hehe. Actually, I don’t think Uranus is clever enough to even know what’s going on. I mean, the guy has always got his poles facing the wrong way. :no: :slight_smile:

ahuri & hobbes:

Hehe. I’m glad you liked Mars. He’s one of my favorite characters in there too. The angry fighter type, I guess.

Yes the idea is simple. When I did draw it at first, I was kind of doubtful about it as well. However, I like simple ideas, so I eventually began making it.

Thank you for all your nice posts! I’ll keep on working and hopefully have an update as soon as possible!

Sweetness, I really like this. Very well done.

And also, thank you for the blend, I’m gonna tear those meshes apart looking for things I can steal! I mean learn from…

Gracias, senior. And well done. coughgallerycough

[edit]Question here in the back!!!

  1. How did you get the material for the cornea to appear clear in the viewport?

(oh, gosh, what a node set up… I’m gonna reverse engineer that! I need to learn how to use nodes anyway!)

I dunno how much I can thank you!

God Bless,

this is fantastic