Poor Pluto

- High-res versions here

With Earth as the leader, the planets of the Solar System has turned against poor Pluto excluding him from their group of planets.

This image is build upon recent events in which Pluto has been degraded to a “dwarf planet”. It is now no longer part of the classic lines of planets. It’s strange when you’ve been able to memorize the planets ever since you were a kid, and for the future will have to leave this poor little icy rock out. :frowning:

I liked doing a smaller project for a change. I had this simple idea, and worked on/off for little about a week on completing this image. I had great fun stuffing as many little funny details into the image as I could, and I hope you enjoy this image as much as I enjoyed making it!

Thanks to all who posted feedback in the wip-thread!

Very cute and well done!


I thought earth would be leading the planetary posé against those we don’t like.

Well done simple, cute and I love the way the hurricane on Jupita gives him a snarl.

Very cute man! and I see u got a good response at CG talk :slight_smile:

I love your work man

I like the expression on the planets :slight_smile: its like a “kids Gang” putting out a menber :stuck_out_tongue:
congrats for the good work :slight_smile:

It’s hilarious. Great concept.
And uranus still cracks me up. :slight_smile:

8 planets !!! oops… sorry, how about 5 stars :wink:


i especially like Mars’s eyes :smiley:

5 stars IMO

great image :smiley:
5 stars

You’ve perfectly captured a very cute and “believable” feeling, despite the obviously cartoony concept. All their eyes look so mean at poor Pluto, one can actually feel his pain (well, the only exception would be Uranus, who looks like she didn’t have a clue what’s going on, actually :smiley: ).


I love this image, awesome idea too.

Love all the expressions of the planets. Especially Mars And Pluto’s! Great work!!!

Real good, 'cept I kinda feel like Jupiter needs some bump maps.

really nice!

The only thing I want to mention: I think the texture should bend up above the eyes; especially visible at Jupiter’s rings.

Thanks everyone (almost forgot to say that - but I really mean it)!

Jupiter is a humongous gas planet. It’s surface isn’t bumpy enough to need a bump map.

You’re right about the texture. I’ll keep that in mind for future work.

Thanks for all the support going poor Pluto’s way. :slight_smile:

While they might each be individually cute, I find them powerful as a whole and while it took a second to register, I nearly fell off my chair giggling when the significance of the title hit home. Best I’ve seen here for some time.

You’re a star - plus five from me. Excellent idea and execution.

looks like there is FLOWING WATER on pluto… ALERT THE SCIENTISTS

Awesome. My only critique is that I don’t recognize any of the land masses on Earth. It looks like the scale is off, or you’ve made up some land masses- either way it looks a little weird. Other than that, though- A+ concept and execution

Oh, yeah- are Mercury’s pupils small on purpose? Because it’s always so close to the sun? Great little detail.

earth was supposed to be reconized without showing any particular land forms. He said that in another post above :stuck_out_tongue: