Poor viewport performance even with VBO

Hi there, I have a serious problem with the performance with high poly objects in edit mode, it’s very slow and heavy when try to model. I have the VBO turned on. I run blender in win 7 x64, 8gb ram 1600, phenom II x6 2.66, nvidia 560 ti, blender 2.65a. Any ideas what’s going on? is a simple model with maybe a little more than 200k polys. In modo it’s smooth when i’m working in edit mode.

Amazing thank you, I hope it appears soon, it’s really needed.

I’ve just noticed you are talking about edit mode performance. That is not necessarily related to OpenGL performance, at all. You’re talking about a “simple” 200k polygon model? 200K sounds like a very heavy model to edit by hand, if you ask me.
Try instead to split up your model while you are working on it. I’d also generally question my own workflow in such a case, chances are you’d better use a simpler base mesh and a subdivision modifier, for instance.

Are you sure you disabled double sided shading on ALL the objects in your scene? It looks like you didn’t. Here’s a great addon:

You just tap spacebar and enter “Disable double sided for all meshes”. Unfortunately you have to run this command from time to time since it’s not automatically applying this each time you create a new object. My FPS on a 1 million polys scene went from 4-5 to about 60 with GeForce GTX460.

Let me know if this helps! :slight_smile:

Noob question incoming. How do you enable VBO? And also where is the disable double sided? SPACE command isn’t showing.

Like this :slight_smile:

Thanks! Oh wow, I also turned on ZOOM TO MOUSE POSITION, much better.
Haven’t looked in there since I’ve gotten more familiar with this excellent program.

Now, still not seeing this disable double-sided shading, where is that at? Or am I being blind? It’s 3AM.


Yes viewport performance can be problematic :(. As others have said you could try splitting the model up, and parent the separated pieces to the original model.

The things that bog down my viewport the most are double sided shading (I always turn this off), and highlight selected (n panel under display). From what I know highlight selected means the mesh has to be drawn twice, but I could be wrong about that.

Cool7, and Zabander, theres a better addon for disabling double sided. Display tools, http://wiki.blender.org/index.php/Extensions:2.6/Py/Scripts/3D_interaction/Display_Tools

It lives in the T panel, and creates buttons for commonly used stuff. So to disable double on all just select all, then click the disable double button. But it also adds cool stuff like the ability to disable all modifiers in the viewport and rendering which, is awesome. Plus stuff like enabling wire for selected objects etc.

EDIT - FoundationsofPause - double sided check box lives in the object data tab.

Got it. Great links in this thread as well. Saving them all!

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Starting a new thread as well, but I thought I’d throw this in here because someone here might be interested/know what’s going on. I’m having my own interesting viewport bug.