POOWA - Little animation for work Pool club

This little animation was a quick animation (few seconds) for work for our pool rule association.

Basically we write our own set of rules to use on our local pool table so there is less fighting. New Zealand has lots of different people from different countries, thus the need for our own little set of standards.

POOWA stands for POOl World Association - a little pretentious maybe :wink:


Divx Full Size 884kb

Divx Half Size 438kb

Media Player 9 format 192kb (lower quality)

looks good, love the refelction effect in the words

a few crits
the balls may need to move faster, the cue ball seemed to float, they need to be speeded up.
how about sound, pool has some of the best sounds while playing, include some

but looks very professional, good job (thanks for posting a windows version we are a dieing breed, haha)

Thanks for the crits. Sound is great, but my video editing computers memory has just got fried (thanks to this dumb user). The motion of the balls is certainly not accurate :wink: it was just tweaked to give the impression of correctness, but I don’t have any more time for this little thing, it was a little fun projectlet which turned out pretty nice.

I actually spent a lot of time trying to get the lighting to look good, the first version had horrible hard shadows and the Que ball was way to over exposed.

I could have improved on the wood texture of the table itself, cause its just a procedure which doesn’t look good when you shine light on it - thus the subtle lighting. I would also have liked to sort out that funny shadow on the que itself - I am still not sure where it came from :smiley:

ok, generally, nicely done.

couple of suggestions/notes…

when white hits black, the movement is completely stopped… this, combined to the next camera movement creates a short pause in the animation, that doesn’t look good. to solve it, I would suggest, that you don’t make the white stop completely. after hitting black, make it bounce once, and then roll a bit to the side at the same time when you start panning the camera.
this would create more continuous movement, more pleasant to watch.

oh, and right in the end there is a shadow over the table, maybe that’s intended to be the player, but to me it looks a bit strange. also the final camera position could be fixed a bit, so that the text is more in center. you are now left abit too much empty space on bottom. if you want to keep that, maybe make the player drop his cue stick there… that would be a nice touch :slight_smile:


Wow, A response from Basse himself! I am honoured, dude!

Thanks for the comments.

Regarding the ball movement - I never really noticed that, thanks for pointing it out. If I wanted to do this professionaly I suppose I would have looked closer at the physics.

The lighting - you don’t miss a thing do ya! I do like the darker shadow on the table as it gives it a bit more mood. But the real reason its there is the fact that there is only one corner of the table that is modeled. When I put a light (lights actually to make the shadows soft) I found that you could see the reflection of the end of the edge of the table in the POOWA text - so I left it like it is.

Just so you know, whatever codec you used won’t play on any OS X players.

mmm, Divx 5.2.1 and sandard MP9 windows junky codec. Sorry, I don’t own Quicktime Pro - yet.

Upgrade your hosting please!

Divx is fine, its the mp9 wrapper thats the problem. I’m not too familar with what else is available to encode on Windows, maybe Virtualdub.

Hosting? Is it slow - sorry its hosted in New Zealand - its really fast here :wink: Anybody want to mirror it, feel free.

I did use Virtual Dub to encode it. Which format would you like it in? Current file is in something called ‘wmv3’. I only suppied the MS format cause I thought it would play on everything not Linux, but apparently not.

…oh how I wish Thadora (spelling) was prolific…

I think he said to upgrade your hosting because your files weren’t accessable lastnight. I just downloaded the half size movie in less than a second, but that’s probably because I live in QLD, Australia. :wink:

Nice animation by the way, but perhaps the white ball shouldn’t stop so suddenly.

Very nice clip! You did a good job for a logo anim… I love these, and making them myself… what I started using blender for, initially.

Keep it up!