Pop It Fidget

Hi, so im still kinda new in blender and a little confused.
I am trying to make the Pop It Fidget toy model.
Ive tried a few methods to make it but there always seems to be some kind of problem… EIther with shading or like really messed up topology.

If you have any suggestions on how i should start it, or which oject i should use as a start. i would be really greatful. The biggest problem i think is the ,Ridges, in between and around and than trying to make itlooksmooth with sub sufr modifier… i tried scaling a cube for the middle ridges and than using BoolTool, Crtl J , snap tool but i cant get it right… It just becomes one big chaos.
This is what im trying to make…

you could try starting with a cylinder and scaling it to the size you want…

the maybe inscet the face into its normal and adding loopcuts and i’m sure you can take it from there

I’m guessing there’s a better method than mine

Yes thank you. I tried and with this one there is a problem with the sub surf i cant get it to hold its shape but be smooth all around :thinking:

either add edge crease or support loops

Thank you guys so much, i got it to work