Pop Up Ads

(acasto) #1

Is it just me, or is pop-up ads getting more and more obnoxious???

I especially hate those ones that fade into or come across your screen and steal your window focus. So anything you were typing stops and you have to click them off. Or what about those ones that hijack your browser, they try and force you to see them.

I’m interested in seeing what everyone think about this. I bet there is a lot of hatred and frustration…:slight_smile:

(dreamsgate) #2

The world is what it is. It’s the price you pay for unlimited information.

Personally I find it far more annoying to type in a totally innocent serch pattern only to get directed to porn sites. One night, I ended up seeing far more of Brittany Spears than I really wanted to.

(z3r0 d) #3

NarrowBand (as in not dsl or cable) rules… if you know how to use it well

the power is in the escape key (stop) and in alt+f4. Occasionally I use alt, space, c to close a window if I feel that moving my right hand to f4 is too difficult.

Honestly I close windows before they finnish loading. I have trained my eyes to ignore (most) flashing banners as well.

Yes, the windows that change focus really bug me, especially when I am typing in a url in another window (I usually don’t watch pages load).

useful keyboard shortucts (windows, some apply to kde, and gnome):
alt+f4 - close window
alt space c - close window // doesn’t work in kde, or gnome :frowning:
control + w - close window // I don’t know where all works. I don’t use
alt tab - change active window (pressed 1 time switches to last window, 2 times to window before last, 3rd time … etc)
alt + d - select address bar // only windows IE

umm, maybe I should dl the latest version of mozilla and turn on the option to only allow user-initated (or similar) pop-ups.

full screen flash advertisement are bad …
sound in web pages is bad (for any near-corporate site)
flash advertisements are bad
windows only plugins are bad
IIS is bad

well, popups no longer get on my nervs because I know which sites I go to will give me them (yahoo owned), and I don’t go to sites other sites if they get on my nerves enough.
most notably (not only for pop-ups) in my sites-I-don’t-go-to is gamespot.com


oh, and don’t install spyware, or adware, please. I would die if something decided to launch a pop-up every time I went to google

do they bug me? They used to, I have learned.
Do they have an effect on me? No, thinkgeek doesn’t do pop-ups

(acasto) #4

You are right about the IIS Z3r0d, I was reading this paper once on how to tell if you have a virus on your webserver. The first step was to check and see if your server was IIS.

(ectizen) #5


What are these “pop-up ads” you keep talking about?


(djfuego) #6

I use a proxy filter for my web browsing.Proxomatron is ace…
goto www.neworder.box.sk

(CubeFan973) #7

At the IMDb (Internet Movie Database), I’ll get pop-ups for stuff that’s totally unrelated to movies… or movies that I don’t care for. Once I even got a pop-up for an Internet Browser! Kind of stupid when you’re using one. Worse when you tried it before (and I think I did).

BTW: If someone is blessed out there and have never gotten one, pop-up ads are windows that contain ads for stuff. They are usually unneccesary. They just come up when you go to pages on certain web sites, and if you’re using something like AOL, the window you want gets restored to a smaller size so that you see the pop-up ads.