Pop Up Menu like 2.4X ???

In the old days when you added a (sphere, cylinder, cone, etc) a pop up menu would appear asking for number of loops, vertices, closed edges or not , etc. I know these are in the menu on the left, but is there a way to get Blender to pop up that menu anyway (automatically, not by pressing F6)

I know it’s in the tools menu, I just wondered if there was a way to get it to pop up the menu anyway…

I asked this in another thread, too, but for some reason it doesn’t show up in the tools menu for me. I’m using 2.58. Any idea why it’s not there? I didn’t know about F6, btw, thanks!

sometimes if you open a 2.4x file in 2.5, you don’t get the tools menu…

before opening it clear the open GUI in tool panel
this will open it in 2.58

happy 2.5

Word. It was definitely started as a 2.4 file. Thanks. Ricky, I’m not sure what you mean by that.

see pic

happy 2.5