pop up menus?

Was watching a digital illustration video the other day, and the artist was using a wacom cintiq. He mentioned briefly the round menu thing that he could pop up around the cursor with a click of a button on the cintiq, and said the links/buttons on the menu could be configured to do different tasks based on what software he was using.

Does anyone know if there’s anything similar outside of wacom? I figure it’s all about shortcutting hotkeys to a menu system, and I’m thinking it wouldn’t necessarily have to change per program, as someone could change the hotkey config in their own software. Something where you could hit like “Windows-key and space bar” and a ring or box pops up around your cursor, with tabs or buttons you customize for changing brushes or tools in 2D/3D programs.

I found something on sourceforge called Radis that works the same way(http://sourceforge.net/projects/radis/) but I think it only works with folders and shortcuts to start programs. There’s a screenshot on that page if that helps. So again, anyone ever see something like this?