Pop-ups in thread- Security problem?

I was reading this thread, when as soon as I opened it, a window opens up and continually asks for a password. It turns out it’s coming from the poster’s web site (GotWookie.com). I thought that only a very limited amount of HTML was allowed on the forums- popups included. What the hell happened here?

yeah I noticed that too… it was very annoying…


Image link to a password protected directory.

You can see where he wrote ‘sample frame’ theres supposed to be a photo, in the hmtl theres a img -tag to the 10 images on his site.

I do think this is a security issue but I’m afraid there isn’t much we can do about it.

This is happening because (as mentioned) some embedded [img] tags are linking to images that are in a password protected zone.

The only thing we can do to prevent this in the future is actually to disallow [img] tags completely and only allow image attachments. But we won’t do that right now (though we have been thinking about it because of some other similar events).


Thanks, Tim. I didn’t realize it was coming from the image- it wasn’t showing up because of the password, and I didn’t have the common sense to look at the source :o