Popeye Trailer

Can somebody explain this clip to me. I’m not really interested in Popeye, but more the technique they are using. If you watch the clip before the actual trailer you see them working on graphics tablets. Is this 3D or is it something they actually did as 2D? I’m not referring to the story board material, but the final product.

I see a wacom cintiq, and they’re working in photoshop if my eyes don’t deceive me. The Wacom Cintiq has a built in screen, so you it makes the creative process even easier than a normal graphic tablet does.

Hope that helps.

The final product is of course 3D, but they start by drawing things, and they also probably try to give a really cartoony feel to it… That’s probably the reason why it confuses you.

At first they do concept art and storyboarding, so basically they draw every asset, every character and every shot/scene that will be in the film digitally on the tablets. so when it comes to 3d modelling and animation, they can work straight from the storyboarded shots which increases efficiency and more shots can be animated per day. The end result is 3d.
The textures look photorealistic so its down to the animation to give it the cartoon appeal.

I actually really liked the animation. It’s so much better than 90% of modern animated features. Those dragons, planes 'n frozens… It’s truly a fresh style. I had a same feeling when i saw a “flushed away”. I think it’ll be good.