Popular Youtube personalities get their own action figures; O........kay?

Perhaps they should just go for broke and make a plushie version of Grumpy Cat as well, just to give them a pet. Apparently we have toy makers turning to Youtube for ideas now, have all the rest been taken already?

Previously there has been action figures based on movie characters, political figures and famous people in general. I don’t see how this is any different from that. There people are famous and they have their fans. If you want to blame someone, blame the people willing to pay for stuff like that.

Someone here with access to a 3D printer should print out some action figures based on the cast of Blender Artists. Ace could come with a pet dragon complete with fire breathing action!

Morio could come loaded with a couple of those pistols there in his avatar, Blue Print Random has a few of those logic bombs of his and I’ll just stick with my trusty sword :smiley:

P.S. Maybe mine will have a speaker so you can push a button and I just start rambling on off-topic hah

I’d rather buy videogamedunkey’s music album.

edit: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FWC2Rp4psOM

I can remember (some years ago) someone was printing a paper-model of his own face. He could wear it like a mask.

Unfortunately I lost the link to the video.

Because there are no good (marketable) ideas on YouTube?

Think for a moment about what you just wrote and realize what it is that you’re implying.

The difference is that these people would by no means be a good role model to children (most Youtube videos that talk about games are laced with profanity).

Come to think of it, the toy stores that sell these should be banned from selling these figures to children as a result. As for the idea of Youtube being full of marketable ideas, I don’t think that’s likely unless there’s a massive market for physical versions of internet memes.

It’s not just the good guys that get their own action figure. Do you think for example the Joker from batman, Lex Luthor from Superman or Darth Vader from Star Wars are good role models for kids? Should all those action figures also be banned?

Those characters are not only fiction, but they also don’t commit violence in a completely gratuitous fashion and Darth Vader at least even turns away from the dark side in the end of episode six.

A lot of Youtube personalities will use things like profanity and other forms of raunch just to add shock value and make others think they’re ‘cool’, a major difference here.

Out of curiosity what would you consider a good role model for children? A world leader action figure set? I’m not so sure that would sell particularly well to children who seem to prefer imagining wolverines powerful claw swipe to Barack Obamas exciting rebuttal.

I think they should make a tesla action figure,
with super kung fu brow furrow power,

It’ll probably do well. Some of those YouTubers have huge fanbases.

Everything you see framed on a screen is fiction. Even if it’s someone telling the truth without faking anything it’s still showing just a portion of reality. This is kind of hard to comprehend but it’s true. ‘Youtubers’ are also portraying a character on their videos.

There is. Otherwise, those YouTube channels wouldn’t be popular.

Also, I wouldn’t conflate memes with YouTube videos. There’s certainly overlap in the demographics of people who enjoy both, but they’re still very different.

The profanity is why most people watch those type of Youtube videos.
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grumpy cat… lack of action figure?

I was thinkin we should save the eye brow action for the Fweeb action figure :D. By the by Blue, you’re a YouTube star where’s your action figure?

@Fedeberg: Believe it or not a person doesn’t have to be framed on screen to be acting. Most people don’t really offer up the true version of themselves to others, instead preferring to make an attempt to appear to be what they believe others want them to be. Often out of fear of reprisal.

I on the other hand… follow a different path :wink: