Popup Python Console Autocomplete for Text Editor?

I was watching a Blender Tutorial on YouTube. How to find Blender Python commands using the Blender Console. He seemed to be using a popup autocomplete in the text window. It looked like the dir ( ) command. But he never explained what keystroke(s) he used to make it pop up. I looked in the Text Editor and could find nothing mentioned and did not see anything on line. Does anyone else have an idea of how he did that?

I did find the Text Autocomplete switch with the Ctrl + Spacebar, but that only offers a list of words already in that text file. The tutorial maker seemed to get references to the data structure.

I’m using Blender 2.76 in Windows. It looks like he is in Linux or something like that. Can that be making the difference?


He’s using the Blender console window (Window -> Toggle System Console) and outputting a print statement (Print(dir(bge.logic.getCurrentScene()). When you run that command the bge.logic.getCurrentScene() directory is printed to the console window from which you can choose the next layer to explore - in this case bge.logic.getCurrentScene().cameras etc. Clever.

Yeah, I think that you’re right. He’s doing an Alt + P command. But he’s good enough that he’s not incurring errors. That or he knows a way to only execute one line of the code.