It seems that you have popups on elysiun, Timothy. I get loads of popups everytime I visit your site, only on your site. If it’s your intention to have popups please use ads or something instead. Maybe it’s just my computer that got infested by spyware or other shit but neither can I go back to the page I were on before, I have to press back 2 times and every time I press back the ads changes.

It’s your computer, there’s no pop up on this site asside from the private message notification (if turned on, off by default IIRC).


Strange, but I never get any pop-ups… Maybe ur comp… try this http://www.spybot.info/en/index.html and this http://www.lavasoftusa.com/software/adaware/ if you havent got it already. Both are free and extremly usefull.


ps. I have the google toolbar, which has a popup blocker, maybe its that which is blocking them

I use Adaware, Spybot, Microsoft antispyware, Norton antivirus and Windows firewall. I am going to try google toolbar then.

If you are using internet explorer also, immediately stop, and switch to firefox. I have the same problem where whenever an IE window is open, pop-ups that have nothing to do with the site show up.

I’m using IE, and have no pop-up troubles on this site.

Internet Explorer won’t just randomly give you pop-ups that aren’t called for.

I use IE 6 and have no proglems with popups. But then also I have Yahoo toolbar with pop up blocker turned on all the time. That usually stops most popups,even ones that I WANT to get. :frowning: I do have another problem with elysiun but I will post that in a thread of my own.

I tried google toolbar now and I got rid of the most of those popups but I still have to press back two times to get to the previous page. I use IE 6 too and I’ve used it in 6 years or something so I don’t want to change.

Well, it does that to me. Ad-aware and spybot SD don’t get rid of anything.

Hijacker, maybe? I don’t think Ad-Aware and S&D catch them. I know when I got my trojan not too long ago, they got rid of spy/malware, but the hijackers were still there.

Some programs (P2P mainly that I’ve noticed) like to randomly give pop-ups, even when you don’t have a browser window open.

I have no problem with this site - I am sure that it is something personal to you. Try Microsoft’s free Beta antispyware.

It’s pretty good if you read the thread.

Hijacker, maybe? I don’t think Ad-Aware and S&D catch them. I know when I got my trojan not too long ago, they got rid of spy/malware, but the hijackers were still there.

Yes, I think it is a hijacker. My homepage has been changed from www.google.se to http://www.findthewebsiteyouneed.com/. Damn hijackers.

Time to head on over to http://www.dslreports.com/faq/13616

time to learn a bit about computer security.

Switch to firefox, it’s not a big deal, and does not get hijacked as easily. You can still open IE and browse with that also, but firefox is more secure through obscurity.

Thanks for that link. It’s great. It found yieldmanager snd some others hope it works better now.

p2p is a great way to sneak in trojans. Either you agree to dwonload them when installign the program, or they come as .exes or .zips downloaded in anticipation of getting something you could not find.

Also, cracks many times are an infection. Your keygen not working…
…now your browser goes to a generic search page? Put 2+2 together.

I gave this lecture so many times when I worked at an AV company… :slight_smile:

Also, Smileys, free ringtones, screensavers all that other teen crap is likely to contain the junk.

Always be sure to patch up Windows too.

I have downloaded a little from p2p, but that was some weeks before the startpage got changed and there come up popups and other crap. I don’t download smileys, ringtones, screensavers and other stuff like that. Sometimes I download games but not often.

It works without any popups now and I don’t have to press back two times anymore.

It’s pretty good if you read the thread.
'pologies for that, I did read the whole thing and checked when I was writing my post to see whether you used it - must have selective vision.
Good to hear it’s sorted.