Porblems With Normals

Hey Everyone,

I am working on a castle for my game, and I have a problem with my normals. I need to be able to see it on the outside, and the inside. But I either have normals facing aoutwards and cannot see it on the inside, or inside and cannot see it ont he outside. How can I fix it?


Enter edit mode for the object in question [TAB], and than in the editing buttons [F9] find the “Texture Face” tab.

You should see a toggle button there labeled “Twoside” -> enabling that should do the trick.

*Note: Make sure there is a UV texture assigned, if not, either assign a texture, or click the “New” button that’s to the right of the “UV Texture” label in the Mesh panel.

Without a UV Texture, the Texture Face tab won’t show up.

I suggest making a thick wall instead of just a plane - then you can add it to both sides…

Hey Capn Syke, I was having the same problem with my tank barrel - so here’s my original question for it and also the post by Robo3dGuy that answered it. It worked for me. Actually, I didn’t have to add a new UV texture. Just make sure you Tab into edit mode, then you’ll see the appropriate panels below for the selected object, and that’s when you select “Twosided” followed by the correct copy button.

I made a simple cylinder for a prototype in a self-teaching process of making my first personalized game, however, I have a single cylinder, very simple, with no concentric cylinders inside it - but when it is rendered, it shows the inside of it being invisible. The outside is fine. I’ve tried selecting it and making it ‘double sided’ but nothing happened :(. I tried recalculating the normals, but that just puts it on either the inside or outside, but not both. What am I not doing? How do I get a simple cylinder to be shaded on both the inside and outside when the ‘double sided’ technique does not work? I am not interested in messing with any UV stuff, I’ve yet to learn that. I just want the plane jane grey for now to be on both sides! Thanks in advance.
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http://blenderartists.org/forum/clear.gifSelect your cylinder. In the “Mesh” panel of the “Editing Buttons” hit the “New” button beside “UV Texture”. Go to “Edit Mode” and in the “Editing Buttons” find the “Texture Face” panel. Select all verts (AKEY) and hit “Twoside”. Then hit the “Copy” button nearest the Twoside button.

Try starting the Game Engine now. Problem should be fixed.

And welcome to BlenderArtists


Thanks for all your help everyone!

@micah702: Yah I know… paper thin castle? LOL