Im back and i bought this with mei modelled it today.

took 3 hours to model and colours and 15mins for each render so about 3hours and 45 mins to complete it. it was a 1hours smc but it developed into this after i finsished the smc.


I think it would be cool if the pen formed a depression in the padding. Also, I have a small complaint about the “Porker” text on the lid: It would probably look better if it were going the other way (that is, rotated 180 degrees). The shadow under the pen doesn’t seem dark enough, either; this is especially apparent toward the tip. Otherwise, pretty awesome.

Isn’t it supposed to be parker?

ok here is an update… done the depression, made the gold parts look gold… im not sure if they are too bright, i made the inside where it says ‘porker’ a reflective metal, and i sorted out the shadow.

C&C wanted.

ive spent four hours on this… do u guys think it is industry standard?


The gold is too bright and yellow, gold isn’t yellow, it’s more of an orangy/yellowish colour, maybe not the best description but I hope it helps %|
Everything else looks pretty good, maybe make the indentation deeper.


Well, the metal looked muh better in the first version : now i’ts just yellow.
The reflective metal plaque is not as chic ar the satin one.
Too many bumps in the cloth of the padding. If you used displacement with a cloud texture modify the contrast of the texture so it wouldn’t have so much difference from darkest to lightest.

Those are crits but I want to point out that I liked it from the first version right away.


Ok thanks… dont want 2 seem lazy but i think im gonna back seat this one now :slight_smile:

thanks very much for the crits :smiley: