Porsche 550 spyder

Hi, this is render of my favourite car - classic sport car manufactured in 50th. Its my first finished car. Also I am planning some outdoor scene as soon as I will have some free time.
Hope you like it.


Great render. Very nice lighting and you nailed the car paint.


…oh …oh…oh …love those things…glad not to see shiny tires…???something with the front valance edge looks twisty…but…yes the paint is nice…

Nice mesh, texturing modeling etc. Great job! What renderer is that?

that’d be great if you could share your material techniques you used for this :slight_smile:

Beautiful renders man. What renderer did you used for those?

Thank you guys, for your comments. I realy apppreciate it. This scene was rendered in vray using great export script by Andreymi. Thanks a lot Andrey. I was surprised how fast vray is. It took only 40 minutes to render this scene in resolution 1600 x 1000 on AMD Turion X2 1,6 GHz.
Carpaint material is very simple. Blender material is set to Phong shader using 0,05 value of raymirror. But this material is probably converted by script to vray material with some value of IOR and other parameters coresponding to this material. For now I dont understand much to the conversion algorithms in script so setting the material is only about testing.

i cant find any tutorial on bodylines, you know, the narrow gaps around places like the hood, please, it must be pretty simple to explain, anyone?!

That’s a lovely render.

Just a quick question about Vray though. How are you getting past the 600x450 restrictions that the maya demo imposes? An important question for me because I want to try it, but I won’t bother with those restrictions.

very good question i would like to know the anwser to this also

yes me 3 how??!
Cool render :yes:

Very nice model, and you nailed all the textures in my opinion. I can’t find anything wrong with it. 5 stars.

Thank you guys, the script works fine for full version of vray for maya 8.5 too. Maybe you can try this version if you dont want to bother with all these restriction which are in demo version. (objects count, resolution and lights).
tomrebel2: Maybe you could look at some issues on this web http://www.blenderart.org/issues/. Especially issue 8 deals with car modeling. You can find here a lot of useful tips and tricks.

Very nice rendering, great.I am trying to render my car model with the vray and the Andrey exporter (great pythonscript ) but I have a lot a problem, That would be supurb if you share techiques (screenshot of etting, number of light etc) thanks for sharing.
last question : do you use an hdri map, if yes, how do you do ?

Thank you guys. If you dont bother with those restrictions, maybe you should use full version of vray for maya 8.5. The script works fine for this version too.
tomrebel2: Maybe you could look at blenderart.org, especially issue 8 deals with car modelling. There is a lot of useful tips and tricks.
kala_ndo: My scene is lit only by GI, no other lights were used. Very simple setting of GI is shown in the picture. For secondary bounces I have used QMC (brute force) because default light cache doesnt work good with bump maps which I have used on the tire sidewalls. I have used for environment hdri. I have also tried other studio setup with white planes above car but the result wasnt so good compared to hdri. How to use hdri is shown in the second picture. You must name your hdri in blender ENV_BG.


your renderings are beautiful and sorry for the dumb question, but… where I can find VRay full? Is it a standalone software or you can find it only in the full version of Maya 8.5 by default? thank you!

Thanks a lot for sharing, the hdri map works very well.

alysius: Thanks, its a standalone software.

Hi, I have added some outdoor scene rendered in Indigo.


The last update work looks so great~ keep this up man!!!