Porsche 550

This is a side product of my intention to build some simple race car concepts. As I wasn’t feeling very confident modelling ad hoc, I returned to my older model (on hold for about a year) created by following a neat tutorial.
The model is not very accurate nor complete, but I hope to have made up for it with materials.


talent… nice work

very nice model. i love the colors you’ve chosen and the lighting. mind sharing your lighting set-up?

Very nice work

I think that is the best car paint shader I have seen in Blender yet. Really nicely done.


treatkor: how about the complete project file? :wink: Free to use under the creative commons attribution share-alike license. enjoy.

Very nice work! Will you create some animation too? :wink:

jiri: If by animation you mean the wheels turning, sure :smiley: But seriously no, I haven’t got plans to do dive into animation in this life.
BgDM: I really feel flattered.

THANK YOU! :smiley:

I think that is the best car paint shader I have seen in Blender yet. Really nicely done.

me agrees with BgDM
simple model good render and lighting
keep e up

Thank you very much

Wow! Great job!

Thanks for the Blend too.

I want to see the cars with ‘less camera distortion’.

I am impressed.

How did you made the disk brake ?

The disc is bunch of bezier circles. Created the outside border, the inside border. Then created the three holes, selected and copied with the 3d cursor in the middle of the disc and rotated. Extruded the result.

The actual hydraulic thingie is absolutely ad hoc cube extrusion madness. I had no proper reference and it’s probably not looking like that in real life.

no side mirror?

Very impressive indeed. Only comment is the front indicator texture seems to be too reflective. Should it have some more transparency like the other lights?

Thanks for the .blend too.

argunda: You win a cookie! :slight_smile: No exhaust either…

Danski: Indeed. The indicators suck.

nice, nice indeed, good work congrats :smiley:

Hi, jimmac

If you don’t mind I’ll will upload your model in the blender model repository, in yafray section.

Thanks Jimmac, I don’t realize that when you have two bezier circle Blender will create a surface between them.