Porsche 904, Testing my free-form skills

I’ve done plenty angles and corners doing buildings.
So I decided to test my skills in free-form, curvy topology, modelings something I like:Porsche 904

here set on what I imagine to be Route1 on the California coast at sunrise
The highway HDRI is from hdrihaven.com free and thank you

Here the model is set at the new Athens SNF Opera House (by architect Renzo Piano). I photographed the location with bracketed 360 shots, composed into hdri radiance 360 image.
I am working on a node group for lighting and will be posting more soon.

I am happy with the lighting, though the shot is lacking in resolution: the camera used is a Ricoh Theta S. It captures the 360x360 degrees, on every shot without stitching at 5376X2688 pixels. Though 14.5 megapixel may sound descent, consider that you are viewing a fraction of the 360deg horizon of the world environment, FOV = 90deg when using a Blender camera with a 17mm (rather wide) lens. In other words your real resolution left to right is a quarter of the horizon or 1344 pixels

Another, final shot from the Opera grounds

apparently smooth subdivision and mirror modifier should change order

Looking cool so far man, curvy shapes are the worst and you’re doing a good job taming them hehe

Thank you both!
Arne, I will change the order ty

great work, keep going :slight_smile: