Porsche 911 GT2 (993)

Hey Guys, wanted to share my progress

It´s my first attempt in modeling a car so don´t be mad :wink:

C+C appreciated!

Actual standing:


Happy blending!

Update :slight_smile:

Modelling seems pretty good, it just needs a good paint shader

Thx :wink: It´s just a placeholder as every Material i´m using here. I´ll search for a good one, when modeling is done. Have to model the lights, the Porsche Emblem, some air intake grids, brakes ect. After that i think about making the interieur.

Btw. i can´t see any models on your portfolio page… is it still empty or is it just a chrome addon that hinders me seeing your models?

Little update on my tires :slight_smile: